See our 8 berth canal boats below:

Aquatic Warbler (Warbler) boatclass. >

Arctic Warbler (Warbler) boatclass. >

Baldrik (Wye) boatclass. >

Bar Headed Goose (Goose) boatclass. >

Barred Warbler (Warbler) boatclass. >

Baya (Wye) boatclass. >

Bean Goose (Goose) boatclass. >

Black Woodpecker (Woodpecker) boatclass. >

Blue Goose (Goose) boatclass. >

Cape Warbler (Warbler) boatclass. >

Cedrik (Wye) boatclass. >

Cymbeline (AVE8) boatclass. >

Dusky Warbler (Warbler) boatclass. >

Egyptian Goose (Goose) boatclass. >

Emperor Goose (Goose) boatclass. >

Fredrik (Wye) boatclass. >

Garden Warbler (Warbler) boatclass. >

Gosling 2 (Gosling) boatclass. >

Gotrik (Wye) boatclass. >

Grasshopper Warbler (Warbler) boatclass. >

Green Woodpecker (Woodpecker) boatclass. >

Hooded Warbler (Warbler) boatclass. >

Horik (Wye) boatclass. >

Lucy's Warbler (Warbler) boatclass. >

Portia (AVE8-2) boatclass. >

Red Breasted Goose (Goose) boatclass. >

Red Chested Swallow (Red Swallow) boatclass. >

Red Collared Swallow (Red Swallow) boatclass. >

Red Rumped Swallow (Red Swallow) boatclass. >

Red Sea Swallow (Red Swallow) boatclass. >

Red Throated Swallow (Red Swallow) boatclass. >

River Warbler (Warbler) boatclass. >

Sanderling (Sanderling) boatclass. >

Scotch Mist (Mist) boatclass. >

Syrian Woodpecker (Woodpecker) boatclass. >

Tyr (Wye) boatclass. >

Upland Goose (Goose) boatclass. >

White Fronted Goose (Goose) boatclass. >

Yellow Warbler (Warbler) boatclass. >

Union Wharf Marina in Leicestershire

Wisp of the Water